Landscaping with stone – Common blunders and fixes

Stone is one of the most useful of all landscaping materials. It can be used to create retaining walls, beautiful water features, and much more. The usual mistakes, in fact, are a combination of too much enthusiasm and not understanding the uses of the materials.

Working with stone, basics

Before you spend a single cent on stone, you need to carry out a thorough assessment of exactly what you need, the types of stone you need and consider your structural options. You can spend large amount of money getting things very wrong, if you don’t do these very basic things.

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Looking for Rip Rap or high quality gravel in Arizona?

Most people in the construction industry would agree that sourcing good-quality stone is often about as much fun as going to the dentist, but not as entertaining. There’s nothing quite like talking to an ignoramus trying to sell you low grade, non-compliant stone at ridiculous prices, is there? If you’ve been having trouble sourcing good quality construction stone, we can definitely help you with that.

Hi, we’re Ringo Canyon Granite LLC or We provide top of the line construction stone throughout the entire Southeastern Valley, Apache Junction, Florence and surrounding areas and Northwest Tucson.If you’re looking for high quality Rip Rap for your projects, talk to us.

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Trying to source high-quality construction stone in Arizona?

If you’re in the construction industry, you certainly do not need to be told that sourcing good quality stone can be a form of masochism. The sheer amount of absolute garbage out there pretending to be construction quality stone on the market is unbelievable.

Fortunately, if you’re in Arizona, you have at least one trick up your sleeve – Us. We’re Ringo Canyon Granite LLC and We produce a vast array of different types of construction stone, including Rip Rap, Track Out, granite mulch, large solid stone, and much more. We’ve provided stone for major projects around the state, including the Magma Flood Control project, Tangerine Basin, and other notable projects.

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Tips for landscaping with natural stone in Arizona

If you’re an Arizona native, you may have a natural preference for using local stone for landscaping purposes. The local stone is excellent – Provided you’re using good quality source. There are some real problems with what might politely be described as “pre-loved gravel” and other inferior quality stone.

Desert stone is very tough, but it comes with a few caveats:

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Looking for top-quality industrial, landscaping and construction stone in Arizona?

Ringo Canyon Granite LLC is situated east of Florence, Arizona. Our company mainly serves the surrounding areas of Northwest Tucson, South-eastern Valley, Florence and Apache Junction. We provide some of the best quality Rip Rapstone of all sizes and also a full selection of decorative boulders and large rocks for landscaping, construction and ornamental purposes.

We also provide a range of high quality rock products which are mainly used in industrial activities, like decomposed granite, and similar materials.

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